Where to find sheet metal ?

deanboJuly 22, 2006

Hi,i'm deanbo and just joined.

I want to make a custom-built hood,for my daughters tropical fish tank.

We can't find one that fits,as it was built by someone[very well made] and was given to her recently,but it never had a hood and now it definitely needs one.

Where in the Stoke-on-Trent area can i buy some sheet steel ?

Either Galvanised sheet steel or aluminium would do and i only need a piece approx 4ft X 3ft and approx 1mm thick.

I've been looking on the internet but i can't find anything or anywhere where i can simply buy a piece of sheet metal ?

The closest i've got is obscure directories,that don't even tell you if they sell sheet metal.

I went to B+Q and they don't sell it[never have,so they said],nor did a few other DIY shops that my lady rang.

This seems a bit crazy to me,and i've gone and promised i'll make it for her now.

So i'm in a bit of a bind here.

I can make it easily enough,as long as i can bend it by hand but where on earth can i buy a simple piece of sheet metal ?

I can't buy online,as i haven't got a debit or credit card,so it has to be from a shop somewhere locally.

I'm not after anything fancy,and it could be just steel[not galv] if that's all i can get,but who on earth sells it ?

Thanks very much to anyone who can please help me.

Oh and HI BTW,nice to join in.

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Pooh Bear

Hi, welcome to Garden Web / That Home Site
This forum is not very active, but we try.

Since I'm not familiar with your local area
I looked on the internet at the McMaster-Carr site.
Found a piece of .04 thick steel 36x48inches for $98.17
1mm = .039 inches = approximately .04 inches.

Your best bet would probably call around to some metal shops
and see if you can buy a piece locally.
Or try some heating and air shops and get some metal ductwork material.
Gonna cost you plenty no matter what you do.
Mite want to go with plexi glass.

Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: McMaster-Carr site

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Here in Vancouver, most HVAC or furnace suppliers sell sheet metal. Roofing suppliers sell aluminum for flashing in various roll sizes. If you call a furnace installation company, they might sell you some old ductwork from a job site. When I had my furnace replaced, there was a big pile of scrap that went to the scrap dealer.


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I have found a place in St Louis called Shapiro Metals. Most of the time I just go to their scrap bin and find what I want for cheap.

What city are you at?

I talked to some more specialised metal places but they were arrogant and would not deal with me. But if you go to a welding manufacturing bussiness, they may have some scrap.

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I second forgetting the metal and going with plexiglass. You might find that aluminum oxide, and the zinc oxide that forms on galv steel, are TOXIC to fish/corals/plants in the aquarium. Any metallic reactions would be even worse with a saltwater tank. Copper is a big no-no too.

Of course there are clear spray coatings (urethane?) which would probably preclude most problems with metal covers.

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