Oven Cleaner Damage To Aluminum-How To Fix?

blondelleJuly 11, 2008

We have an area of 4 X 4 aluminum tiles behind the cooktop. I bought some oven cleaner for my mom's caretaker to clean the cooktop grates. She got carried away and sprayed the aluminum tiles too. It was a mottled, blotchy mess when I got here. I managed to get all of it off with a little scouring power and an abrasive pad, but now it looks dull. I know it will never be perfect again, but will aluminum cleaner give it back some shine? I wipe it and a black film comes off on the paper towel. Any way to restore this somewhat to a metal look again with some shine?

I would really appreciate any help! It was a brushed finish before. Thanks!

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Try a Scotchbrite pad on a random orbital sander, or see if someone you know has a car buffer.
It will be hard to get the pattern if it was a straight brushed pattern. You may have to settle for a random circular pattern

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The sodium hydroxide (lye) in the oven cleaner has probably etched the aluminum.
You can try to polish it to improve the appearance, but some metal is gone.
Drano uses lye and aluminum chips to create the boiling reaction, and cans of lye have a warning about mixing it in an aluminum container.

Replacing the tiles is the most likely way to restore the appearance.

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