50a Lincoln Arc Welder

garlicjimJuly 25, 2009

Hi All, Just picked up a 50a Lincoln AC-225 and spen the past two days finding out how expensive it will be to get 50a to my shop, about 70 feet away. No way will I pay five or six bucks per foot for the wire. So. I have decided to go this way. Tell me what you think.

I have a 50a NEMA 14-50R RV outlet below the house panel.

1. I make an extension cord using 10/3 STW cable and match the plug to the outlet.

2. On the other end I use a Nema 6-50R, 2-pole, three wire

receptacle rated at 50A 240v for the welder.

Since I don't weld all that often, I can either unplug my RV or plug it into 20 amps just to keep the refer cold.

Whaddaya think?

I can get by for well under $100. If not, anyone want to buy a slightly used welder ?

Thanks for any info.



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"No way will I pay five or six bucks per foot for the wire."

Get the correct gauge of aluminum wire.

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"Get the correct gauge of aluminum wire."

And what gauge is that? Is it that much less expensive?

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