Welding is definately a cool weather hobby

toomuchglassJuly 16, 2009

...... I'm just playing around with my new found welding skills ..... one thing I JUST learned ---

OH ------ MY ------- GOD ------------------

It's hotter than hell to do in summer time ~ !!!!!! I donned my long sleeve canvas jacket - my jeans - heavy shoes --- added the helmet --- bending over hot steel and I thought I was gonna die ! ( I learned welding in early spring - it was still cool out ) WOW ..... I Have a whole new RESPECT for people that are in this profession.

Whew ..... No wonder welders are all thin guys ( and gals ) -- you sweat the pounds off ! LOL

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Too hot? A few weeks ago we had a heat wave here and it was 110f+ when the heat index was added and it was nice for our welders. Of course, our weld shop has AC : ) Talk about spoiled...

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