wwyd: hood & bs edition, opinions needed

GoosterFebruary 25, 2013

Hello all, I've been reading along with various range hood and backsplash requests, and I'd thought I'd add my dilemma (TKO) to the mix. We're finalizing some design details on the focal wall that contains the range, and I'd like to hear more voices in the mix.

The cabinets are nearing completion and we're backing things up for the big demo. We'd like to have all the details timed to finish so we're not heading into 2014 while still under construction (2012 was one project after another).

Anyhow, the constants:

Floor: quarter sawn white oak, random plank
Cabinets: Beaded white inset on perimeter, Cherry on an island.
Style: Best described as traditional meets 1930s Hollywood Regency, but easier to maintain (black and white floors, never again!) and more muted.

Countertops, BS, and Hood can all vary depending on the mix. The countertop choices have been narrowed down, but were taking it down to the wire on the final choice. Many of the choices can intermix, but the budget is straining a bit on some of these options.

Colors will be coming in through paint, accessories, and other textiles.

Here are three candidates:

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3::

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I like option 3 but not crazy about the countertop. The tile is lovely and I much prefer Kobe for hood quality compared to the ventahood squirrel cage. If you have not, please research on appliances forum for the hood quality before deciding. The contertop is kind of blah IMHO. The cornufe is gorgeous :)

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I like option 3!

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I love # 2, but they all look pretty gorgeous

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GWLolo: I could of course swap the counters out in Option 3 pretty easily, especially with #2. I've had trouble finding the right natural stone so the quartz is a fall back. I'm concerned with the ventahood and have read all the available threads. The salesguy had a new display up, and the new latches on the squirrel cage look so much easier to clean. In terms of performance and reliability, I'm less convinced.

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