Electroplating with copper

nosambosJuly 17, 2009

I'm doing a Mission kitchen with lots of copper accents. I have a light fixture I love in brass and I'm certain it was not made in copper. I tried plating a couple of pieces. The small link was plated first and was coated in about 10 minutes. Using the same solution I tried another piece. I noticed that the copper was lying on top of the surface and I could wipe it off with my finger. I left the reaction continue until the battery was discharged. Interestingly, the only part that got plated was the part that I had touched. Another factor to consider is that when I plated the first piece I initailly had the anode cathode reversed. Maybe that prepared the surface for the subsequent plating. Here is the

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Sounds like the brass is not clean.
Try some lacquer thinner to make sure it is absolutely clean of any protective coating that may have been used to prevent tarnish, even wax will prevent plating from sticking.

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