Wrought Iron Fence rusted in 6 months

ScrubalindaJuly 30, 2013

Hi, we built a new home a little over a year ago and had a wrought iron fence installed. We have a septic system, and the location of the fence and septic sprayers was designed so that the fence would not be sprayed. The fence was placed between 2 180* spray heads. Within 6 months time, the fence in that area began to rust. Some contractors came out to look at the fence, and brought touch-up paint. After looking at the fence, they said that section of fencing did not look like it was pre-treated properly. After 6 more months of sending their people to look at it, the company has now said that the fence rusted because of the chemicals in the water sprayed from the septic system and that the work will not be under warranty to replace the fence.

What do you think? Do you think in 6 months time, of just mist from the septic sprayers (the fence is never directly hit), the fence would have rusted? We live in south texas, and have been in a drought for several years, so rain did not cause the rust. The rest of our fence is fine, but this section of fence in question was installed about a week after the rest of the fence (it was in a different batch).

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We've had an ornamental iron shop building custom fence gates, etc since 1947 and it sounds to me the fence was not wiped down and primed correctly before being painted. But if there is chemical in the septic sprayers , that could do it also.

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Watewater is hard on ferrous metals. Just the mist could do it if it happened every day.

The sewer plant I worked at about 10 years ago had every chain, grating, and hand rail replaced with aluminum and stainless and this is stuff that was never in contact with the sewage.

If you could turn of the spayers for a couple days it might be possible to strip, prime, and repaint that part of the fence with a chemical resistant epoxy paint.

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