Woodworker Needs Help!

deaddigitsJuly 30, 2006

I am an experience woodworking hobbyist, who is trying to make a golf putter head out of aluminum


When I try to use my grinding wheel (aluminum oxide) to shape the aluminum stock it loads up quickly and I stop. I've heard of exploding wheels.

When I use my woodworking drill press (14") to drill 1/8" holes one inch deep, the drill bit snaps off and the part that is lodged in the aluminum cannot be pulled out. I have lost three drill bits despite frequently withdrawing the drill bit to make sure the flutes do not get loaded up with aluminum or get overheated. Should I be using a lubricant? At what speed should I set my drill press? Mine has speeds ranging from 350 to 3500 rpm.

For what I thought would be an interesting project has become a very frustrating one. Any help would be appreciated.

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Oh shoot man this sounds like fun. Since the part is so small a regular 80 grit grinding disc should work well for shaping activities. Now the other thing with the drill bits is that it is not a drill bit or lubricant problem the problem is that the workpiece is shifting or you have a older drill press with some play in the shaft and it is shifting. So we need to lock the part securely and try that drilling thing again, if the drill press is the problem borrow your neighbors

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