Refinishing a wrought iron table

ladybug1July 9, 2005

My parents had a beautiful, old wrought iron table with chairs that I want to refinish. It was out in an old barn and is really in pretty good condition, but it needs to be sanded, etc. It has lots of little grooves in it that will be hard to get to with sand paper, and I really don't want to spend a lot of time sanding. What is the easiest, most efficient way to sand something like that? I know they sell some "paint" type products that theortically will also act as a primer. Is this stuff any good or is it just a sales gimmick?

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If the rust is not loose and coarse, there are conversion coatings that dissolve the rust and turn it into a black phosphate coating that is a very good base for additional paint. The best price for the conversion coating is at an auto paint store. It is about as thin as water and is simply brushed on.
Sandblasting (though not always with sand) can be used for cleaning ornamental iron. When done carefully it can remove almost all the rust, but in most cases a conversion coating is still required.
A wire brush and some elbow grease can remove loose and coarse rust and the conversion coating will smooth out the surface rust.

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Thanks. The old paint is loose and coarse. I wouldn't mind spending the time putting on the conversions coat. I was just trying to avoid spending the time and elbow grease scraping the thing down. Too many places for my time to be going right now.

This information is helpful. I always wondered if that stuff worked as well as it is purported to work.

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Dear Ladybug1,

Did you follow brickeyee's suggestion on using the conversion coating on your wrought iron table? I also have a table that needs refinishing and want to do it right and also without a lot of trouble. If you used the conversion coating, where did you purchase it and if it got on areas without rust, did it have any effect on that area?

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