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janduckworthFebruary 3, 2014

Hi everyone, we have finally decided that it's time to redo our kitchen. We did some things to make it more bearable over the last few years, but now it's time to change it on a much bigger level. Basically it's going to be gutted. We want new cupboards, backsplash, counters, flooring and lighting. And windows. Even though I'm excited, I'm also very overwhelmed with all the decisions to be made. I've been saving pictures of kitchens I really like over the years, and the common pattern is a cottage style theme. I really want white cupboards, and just a warm, comfortable, inviting room. We're a family of 4, and we like to have friends and family over often. I enjoy both cooking and baking, but on a relaxed level (no fancy gourmet, just basic home cooking). Since it's a 4 level split, and the kitchen and dining room are the entire level, it is where everyone always seems to be. I would really like a more distinguished "entrance" area by the back door, a homework/cozy nook for the kids if possible, and dining space that can accommodate extra people. And I LOVE banquettes, but don't know how or where I could put one.

The sink needs to stay where it is. I like the island that is there, but we're open to taking it out or changing it for a new one. I do not want a sink or a stove in it. I like just the empty top for rolling out dough, or having prep space. The kitchen actually functions fairly well where the appliances are (which I just roughly penciled in on the layout sketch). The ceiling is vaulted, with the peak being right over the pony wall (which is awful and the first thing I want removed). I'm thinking pot lights in the ceiling with some hanging lights over areas (island, dining), considering maybe taller cabinets on both sides of the kitchen (which then would mean a smaller island).

This is a rough sketch of the shape with dimensions, as well as pictures of the current kitchen. I appreciate any advice and suggestions, and am mostly just looking for basic floor plan ideas, and how to make the most out of the space. Once I have that planned, I'll worry about the backsplash and flooring.


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What is on the backside of the 29'10" wall? (is that living space behind there, or is that an exterior wall the whole length? Would it be possible, for example, to put your backdoor somewhere on that wall?

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Why can't the sink move?

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No, there is no living space behind the 29'10" wall. That layout is the entire level. Stairs go up to bedrooms from there, stairs go down to living room. I am not wanting to move doors, there's no way that's in the budget. I'm lucky if we get to do windows. Sink moving is not in the budget either, nor can I picture anywhere else it could go. It's nice to look out a window when cleaning up, I think. Did I miss any other information?

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The reason I ask about moving the sink as it is rarely expensive unless you are on a slab. What is your foundation?

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Looking out the window while washing dishes is over-rated IMHO. Put the sink where it functions best (which would generally be in between the fridge and the stove).

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I'm not really sure as to why, but my husband said moving the plumbing would be a nightmare and cost a lot. I will check into further, but don't see where else the sink could go. And then we would probably have to move all the ducting for the stove... What would we then do with that weird corner? I've lived with it this way for so long, it's hard to imagine it organized differently!

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What is your foundation, specifically under that area?

It maybe doesn't have to move. It's easier to plan a design if you don't have too many "can't move this, can't move that" items.

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Debra, I guess we'd have to take apart our newly redone basement and jackhammer through cement to make new drain lines in order to move sink.

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So that part of the kitchen is on slab? confused. If you are on basement it should be easy to move the lines. If on slab I understand reluctance.

My point being is don't assume anything. Keep options open. You are only in the idea stage. Don't limit ideas by saying can't, can't, can't. I know how it is, I did it myself! Let the ideas flow.

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Good point Debra. I am open to all suggestions, and would really like and appreciate a variety of ideas. I just want a functional kitchen that looks nice too!

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Anyone have thoughts on moving the fridge to be on the opposite wall? Across from the stove area. Pondering a bench seat under the window by the back door, and extending it along the wall. Put something beside the fridge with shelves on it to face the door, and then on the other side of the fridge right next to the stairs, maybe a cabinet with a hutch??

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Where is your dining area and at what point do you want the kitchen to stop? Ie what else needs to be in this full space.

Do you have neighbors sharing the left and right walls? Is that why there are no windows there?

At a minimum would replace the back door with something that is full glass and add more lighting.

Moving just the fridge will make it a long way to walk and get something out when cooking.

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The dining area is at the front (by the front door area) right now. As I mentioned, I would like an area for my kids to do their homework, or maybe for me to sit with a cup of coffee if possible. I'm just not sure where it could go.
There are no windows on the one wall because it's joining the rest of the house. The other wall, I guess it's just the way it was built. It's not a shared wall with our neighbor, though it would only be a few feet from their house.
So if there was a window there it would always be in the shade and look directly at their siding.
I could replace the door, but there is also a storm door there, so not sure how that would work. It can be as cold as -40 here, so it needs to be pretty insulated.
I was thinking that putting the fridge on the other side would make it into more of a u shaped kitchen, but it may not be as functional, you're right.

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