mounting a mailbox on a 3/4'x6'x4' galvanized pipe

toad08June 19, 2006

I have 3/4"x6'long galvanized pipe on hand and plan to use it as part of my mailbox mount with the base secured in concrete. I have a 3/4 inch x 4 ft long galvanized pipe that I will mounted on a 90 from the 6 ft pipe, creating an unsidedown L shape. This 6 ft base will be mounted 48 inches from the road with the mailbox connected to the shorter 4 ft long upper extension.

Where do I find the hardware to rig up my own swing mount? So that if the mailbox is hit then it will return to its normal position. The mounts I have seen are for 4x4 post.

I can post photos of the threaded 3/4 inch diameter x 6' long pipe if necessary plus the threaded 4 ft long pipe. :-)

I will be mounting this mailbox in the country where party goers whiz by late on a Fri or Sat.

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If the box is strong enough you can drill holes through the box bottom and pipe and bolt the box on.
If the box material is to thin, a piece of steel flat with holes for the bolts will stiffen things up.

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