Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture - Care Question

davewgJune 4, 2008

Hi all - visiting from the Kitchen forum with a question on care/cleaning of wrought iron furniture. I did a search, but didn't see the info I'm looking for.

We're considering purchasing a set of wrought iron furniture (table and chairs) for our screened in porch.

Will we have any problems with durability leaving the pieces on the porch year round (we are in southern NJ)? What's the best way to clean the table if we're not able to easily hose it down?

Does anyone on the forum have wrought iron furniture in a screened porch? How does it hold up if left out year round? What do you do for care and cleaning? We're hoping not to have to take the table outside to hose it down.

Any other advice/info appreciated.


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My parents have wrought iron furniture and they just use a scrub brush and soap and water once a year and hose off in the spring. They also, about once per year, give it a light coat of rustoleum spray paint. They have been doing that for years and years and still looks as good as new. It's at least 35 years old.

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I agree with Izzie - water and a bit of detergent on a damp cloth is probably all that you will need to keep it up. Also, a light liquid wax will help to make cleaning easier and suppress rust.

Here is a link that might be useful: Patio Wrought Iron Furniture

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If it is starting to rust I would stop by the local truck bedliner shops and see if you can catch a deal and get it all sprayed. Problem permanently solved!

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