welding forged steel to spring steel

Gnu_MarshallJune 11, 2005

Hello, this may be off topic from the norm here but, I'm curious about making a sculpture that will incorporate a sword in it's design that will be using a leaf spring from an automobile's rear suspension and a connecting rod from the cars engine. The spring is steel and the connecting rod is forged and not cast. What problems am I going to have when attempting to join these two items? I'm thinking that they will have to be brazed but am not sure since the connecting rod isn't cast iron. Any help or input would be appreciated.



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Brazing would work great or you could silver solder it.
Good lucl Jim

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If you have a mig welder you could mig weld it.

just watch out for bumps at high rpm.


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There is always the forge weld using the deterrgent cleaner junk. Something like how they make the layers while making swords.

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As long as you realize that welding on the spring steel will weaken it as a sword there is absolutely no problem welding the two together with any standard welding method.
I am assuming that this is not meant to be a functional sword.

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