Need to make hooks

kpznjJune 8, 2005

I bought a metal open gazebo and want to hang some glass lanterns from it. I was wondering how I could do this.

Can I go to a metal shop and have something made???

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you could...but you'd likely not get anything you couldn't find at Lowe's, unless you happen upon a decorative artist in the shop.

first, find 'the' lanterns. the perfect, beautiful ones. they will tell you how they must be hung... from swinging brackets bolted to the uprights, from chains suspended from the 'ceiling' ....

even then, I would try a good garden shop to see what is available - most metal shops will work from sketches- but are no help if you can't provide them with reasonable drawings, dimensions, etc.

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I don't know how simple or exotic you're looking for your hangers to be, but in addition to the metal shops there are surprisingly enough a fair number of blacksmiths, both professional and amatuer, who could probably pound out what you're looking for. For one-off, custom things this might be a way to go.

What did you have in mind for your hangers? S Hooks, some sort of L shaped bracket, or something else? Do you have any pics of the Gazebo and where you're looking to hang the lanterns from? Are you looking for simple straightforward hangers, or are you looking for something that might look organic, like one that has leaves and looks somewhat like a vine?

Any of these things are possible, it just depends on how much you're looking to spend and how intricate you're looking for, and the timeframe.


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