Relearning Welding O/A

BradleySmallJune 13, 2011

I have been wanting to add welding to my skill set for a couple years now. But this weekend, thanks to Craigslist, I got a little goosing and picked up a decent deal on a O/A set with bottles and some rods, and both cutting and welding torches.

I have not welded anything since I was in High School (mumble, mumble) years ago. I assume that it will all come back, but I would like to reduce the error aspect of trial and error. I have picked up one of the basic manuals of O/A welding, and will work through whatever exercises I can find in there.

I am interested in any small/quick (confidence builder type) of projects that I can knock out relative easily just to get the feel of it again. Suggestions?

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Go to wally-world and grab a box of 20 Mule Team Borax and dig around for some metal clothes hangers. Vee out 2 pieces for a butt weld, bring the ends of both pieces to bright red and sprinkle some borax on the crease between the 2 pieces. Keeping both pieces at the same temp, bring it up to where the clothes hanger will start liqufying and slow start your weld. The borax is used as a flux to help prevent oxidation and the clothes hangers work just as well as any specific welding rod you can buy, especially for tinkering. I torch weld, but mostly forge weld in the shop and borax is always around for my welding. In the forge, I keep my piece between the neutral and oxidizing sections of the fire and just brush off with wire brush, borax, bring up to welding temp and hammer away. Your torch isn't much different really. Hope you have good luck with it :-)

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When cutting metal up to 1/2 inch, use 3-4 lbs A and no more than 20lb on oxygen. Any more pressure on oxygen in just wasted.

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