Removing rust from a metal picture frame

javaandjazzJune 7, 2010

I went to a great estate sale saturday and purchased an arts & crafts hand hammered picture in a flat wide heavy metal frame. The frame is all rusted. What the best way to remove the rust? I have searched online and many people have said to soak it in vinegar. Does that really work and for how long? Also, once I get the rust off is there something I put on the metal frame to clean it up or polish it? Is it possible to wax it? Thanks!

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I do not know the details of this process, but I have been told that the best way to remove rust while removing the least possible amount of metal is to blast the surface with ground walnut shells, in a process similar to sandblasting. This is how historic cast iron machinery at the Slater Mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island (the birthplace of manufacturing in America) is conserved.

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Our back storm door is painted wrought iron. When a rust spot develops, I sand it a bit with the dremel. There is actually a tool you can buy to remove the rust.

Sorry, I've never heard of using vinegar.

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I ended up soaking the frame in white vinegar just under 2 days and the rust just rubbed right off with a very worn scotch brite pad. I was amazed how clean the frame came out and there was no pitting in the finish.

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I know this is late and you solved your problem but I wanted to add my 2 cents. I use a commercial white vinegar to remove rust on many of the parts for my found object sculptures. When that doesn't work I use a product gunsmiths use to remove rust and bluing. You can buy it at most sporting goods stores like Cabela's.



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