Bender for Rebar project?

nutynetieJune 25, 2005

Would a conduit bender work for bending rebar?

I have several in the garage (somewhere) and want to make a "fan trellis"

out of the rebar about 14' high and 8' wide to fill in the boring side of my house.

DH says no, I need to buy a "rebar bender" (just another toy for the garage to eat?)

I'll be using the flimsy stuff from the BORG.

Also, any suggestions on the "brackets" that keep the "fan" spread with welding?

DH can weld but doesn't really like my idea, so not worth coaxing him into it.

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It will work - it's almost as easy to pound a couple of stakes in the ground and bend it on that. It doesn't resist bending, and doesn't spring back much.

Weld the base of the fan spokes flat, maybe with a couple of chunks of rebar across the base for extra strength.

Then, bend one long piece of rebar into the top "arch" for the fan (brace the middle on a lamp post and just walk the ends to get it to bend, or hold it in place with tent stakes and bend it on the ground). Mark where you want the spokes to go. Hold the base down with something, and spread the tips, starting at each side, to match the marks on the arch and weld them there. Trim the excess, bend it under or whatever.

Measure down a couple of feet and weld another arch onto the spokes ... repeat until trellis is done to your satisfaction.

Weld a couple of LONG, HEAVY rebars (3/4" or so) onto the base to serve3 as anchors, and anchor it to the wall along the arches.

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Thank you!

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