Copper Insert for Hutch

caboodleJune 17, 2008

I've been reading some of the older threads concerning copper countertops. I'm really impressed with the jobs' well done and how beautiful they are.

We are having a hutch built for us (actually, it's going to be a pantry with pull-outs, but it's designed to look like a hutch). It will have four doors with the top two taking up 2/3 of the total height. Those top two doors will be mostly window with a muntin (I think that's the right word) running horizontally.

I'm really interested in putting a sheet of copper there and am wondering if this is something that can just be put into the grooves the cabinet maker is adding or if it is is better to back it somehow to add more structure.

I'm also wondering what thickness would be best.

We're fine with the patina it will develop; in fact, that's the point. I'd really appreciate any thoughts on the subject.


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Circus Peanut

hi there,

If I'm picturing this correctly (basically using copper sheet in place of glass in a muntined cabinet window), sounds like you could either use thicker copper sheet or thinner sheet wrapped around something like thin luan or plywood.

Price out your copper sheet online, lots of good suppliers like Storm Copper, etc, who will sell smaller sheets -- and see which option makes more sense for your project. (Thinner sheet would be a fair bit cheaper, plus then you could do the cutting and wrapping yourself). My countertop is 20oz, which is fairly durable; you'll want something a lot thinner than that.

Sounds beautiful, and very doable!

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