Brass countertop??

john02139June 2, 2010

Hi Folks,

What do you think of this idea? I am considering a counter top of brass. I would border it with wood so no bending would be required. This counter is an L shabe at bar height (42") separating kitchen area from living/dining area and is not used for daily food preparation. I am going to order a sample pack from an internet source. It will be 260 (cartridge) brass which I guess is the most common. Do you think I will have to upgrade the quality of the finish if it's to show at it's best? Note that I do not mind the regular polishing required for it's upkeep. As a flat surface, it should not be that hard. I prefer this to a lacquer coating.

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Kind of late to the discussion, but I would say no. Brass by it's nature, is always oxidizing, which is what causes the tarnish and can rub off on things. A surface that would be damp, could oxidize faster.

If you like a soft look, zinc or brushed stainless, would be better choices.

Having had brass items that are exposed to the air, no laquer finish, they need CONSTANT attention to look nice. Gets to be a real pain in short order. I sold the brass stuff, went to stainless steel which I love. Keeps the shiny finish with little to no work, even in extreme situations.

If you insist on the brass, Peek polish is very good. Seems to come from Canada, and a can lasts quite a long time.

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