Silver Brazing Rod Caddy

lazypupJune 7, 2006

i do both HVAC and Plumbing and the plumbing codes require all copper pipes under a slab must be joined by means of wrought copper fittings and brazed joints so consequently I go through a considerable amount of silver brazing rod a year.

Typically the silver brazing rod is sold in one pound lots packaged in a clear plastic tube with a snap cap on the end. Needless to say those clear plastic tubes are great for retail packaging but when bounced around in the tool box or on the jobsite constantly they soon get beat up and you end up loosing a substantial amount of the rod on the jobsites or its spilled out loose in the bottom of your toolboxes.

The solution I finally came up with is to take a short poeace of 3/4" copper pipe about 1/2" longer than the rod and braze or solder a cap on each end. Measure back about 1/3 the length from one end and cut the pipe then install a Male Thread adapter on the long section and a Female thread adapter on the short section.

You then put the brazing rod in the pipe and you have a convenient holder that keeps the ends of the rods exposed and easy to grab as you need one, then when finished you can slip the short section down over the ends of the rod and screw it in place and you have a rugged container that will last for years.

i use both 6% and 15% rods so I made two of the holders and painted the top of one silver. The plain one holds the 6% while the silver top one holds the 15%. I then attached both of the holders to the frame of my tote weld torch kit with radiator clamps and now when i grab the torch to go, i know i have the rod with it.

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