Security newspaper box

haldJune 4, 2012

I'm looking for a security newspaper box or something similar. It needs to allow the newspaper to be put in and prevent it from being taken out. I'd like to be able to mount it on my mail box post, though I'd consider other options too. I've searched the net using terms such as "security newspaper box" and "security box" but can't find anything suitable. Maybe I need different search terms. Any information would be appreciated.

It's comical in a way, of all things. But someone is stealing newspapers in my neighborhood. Not just mine, but neighbors all over the vicinity. Our carrier thinks it's another carrier taking them!

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Several evil booby traps come to mind, but one day you or your carrier might forget, SOOOoo... I'm thinking one of those simple 4 or 5 button "panel" type combo locks, on a separate mailbox. Only you and your carrier have the combo.

Not guarding the Hope Diamond, so no need to get crazy with the box construction; an off-the-shelf sheet metal mailbox should deter casual scammers.

The ultimate upgrade would a security cam, triggered either by motion (if in a idle area), or by entry of the WRONG combo. ;')

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