Sheen on painted cabinets

meek95February 12, 2013

We are going with painted white cabinets but need to decide on the gloss level. Can anyone make a recommendation on satin finish vs. semi-gloss?

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We have satin. I think it's enough shine and shows less than semi-gloss...

Mine aren't really paint though. The cab maker sprayed a catalyzed lacquer and then clear over it.

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My cabinet maker does what he calls a #40 or a #60 sheen for a less shiny finish. I saw a kitchen at the Mart that had such a high gloss on it, that it looked like plastic. Did not like that at all.

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Mine are satin, painted with BM Satin Impervo Waterborne. I love the subtle glow they have without being shiny.

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Thanks for the pics and info. Ours will be lacquered also, the cabinet maker mentioned a 40 finish. Most of the photos I see seem to be a satin finish (I definitely do not want a high gloss). There are some days I just don't want to make another decision. Next up is plywood vs. melamine boxes/shelves. You two have some beautiful cabinets, I hope mine look as nice. Fishies, I've been admiring your reveal. You definitely put a lot of thought into your kitchen.

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Less sheen the better- we use 35 sheen in our lacquer and by the time all of the coats are on it looks perfect. Not too shiny.

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BrezzyGirl - Were your cabinets sprayed or brushed? Did you do them onsite? Do you see any brush marks?



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Hi Jeri. My cabs were sprayed before arrival. My cab maker's painter gave us a sample door in the color we first considered where she brushed the paint. The look was horrible--I think my then 4-year old could have done better. She claimed it was just a quick sample to show the color, but we didn't take the chance. Now, I worry about how it will look touching up the couple of little nicks I have in the paint. I love the cleanly sprayed, perfect finish they are now.

I spoke with a woman a couple of weeks ago who saw my kitchen on GW and is hiring my cab maker. My cab maker gave her my phone number so I could act as a reference. She mentioned that my cab maker is now using a cat lacquer finish instead of actual paint. That will hold up better, but it's too late for my kitchen. At least my upcoming family room built-ins will be lacquered.

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has anyone done an "eggshell" finish on their cabinets? we were talking finish with the cabinet maker this weekend and he suggested the satin or eggshell. my concern is eggshell may be too matte. anyone actually do an eggshell finish or something with less sheen than satin?

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