Angle-grinder maintenance question

joel_bcMay 3, 2006

Hi. I'm in a semi-isolated situation and don't know who to ask about this, locally.

I just opened up my Bosch angle grinder the other day to check the brushes. While doing that, I noticed there was grease around the bearing on the power shaft, but no grease (and no trace of any) on the gears that send the torque through the 90-degree bend. Should I grease these gears?



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I gather you guys don't service your own grinders?

Do you just burn 'em out (LOL), or take them to somebody every so often??


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I'd grease the gears. Why not?

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Pooh Bear

I've never considered taking one apart and greasing it.
I guess it couldn't hurt.
Mite want to use high temperature wheel bearing grease.

Pooh Bear

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Look in the owners manual.

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