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oceansidecaMay 8, 2008

Hello all. My first post.

I have a Silent Paint Remover. It is an infrared fixture that is held to the painted surface for a minute, and causes the paint to unbond from the surface. The fixture weighs 4 pounds.

The company sells a "hands-free" setup for $200, that I want to create on my own. I have the design done, bought the materials, and now need some advice on production.

I need to make a simple bracket. I have a piece of steel, 1-1/4" x 36" 12 Ga, galvanized finish. I want to make two 90 degree bends, and three holes. Tools available are a vise, hammers, drill, and a mapp gas torch.

Can I get a clean bend in the vise? Should I heat the metal?

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Went ahead and tried it. Easy, pretty clean bend in the vise.

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Bending in a vice using a hammer will get you a pretty good bend. If its mild steel no need to heat it first. If you try to unbend it, it might break apart at the bend so get it right the first time. measure it out and mark it first with felt pen. Drill your holes before bending. Use a center punch before you drill the holes. Good luck.

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