What are you doing this weekend??

satine_gwFebruary 16, 2013

I just thought about posting this when I realized that it is noon and the first day of the weekend is half over! Im still in my night gown and have spent time playing on the computer, reading the paper, talking to a friend on the phone. Where does the time go? Anyone know anything about Virgin America airline? We are trying to book a trip with Caravan travel and need to fly to Ca from Maryland. Their prices seem too good to be true. How about Caravan travel- - any experience with them? Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and that your weather is better than the gray overcast yuk we are having. Satine

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Cold here in WV, I made chicken soup, read the mail, and have a bunch of dishes to do. Other than that, not much else. May take a nap later.

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I made some chicken salad for sandwiches, some potato salad out of leftover mashed potatoes, and talked with 3 of my children. I am having a cell phone problem and Cheryl brought her charger out to see if that is the problem. It is cool out today so far only 24 out. I also put together a vanilla pudding with a banana, some chopped up Do-si-dos in it and some whipped topping folded in. They all taste pretty good. I did get dressed and I have been moving things about in my sewing room. I need to get back to that.

Sue in Central Indiana

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I hate to fly but I've had an better trip with Virgin than on most airlines, due to their tv screens in each seat back and the relaxed (in a good way!) attitude of the flight attendants. Also, It's nice that you order food/drink from the same screen, on which it tells you what is free--not much, of course--and what will cost you something. I'd say go for it if the flight is a good price, Satine! I try to book my daughter-in-nyc-for-college on Virgin when she comes home to CA as it's the most pleasant to her as well. I hope you have a wonderful trip!

I'm still in my pj's too and it's almost 11 here. I've been battling a bad head cold so am taking the day slow. I need to head to the p.o. to send dd2 her birthday box then get to some ironing done.

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Well, I am dressed, have been since I got up about 7:30. But here it is 2:10 and I have nothing accomplished other than a finished puzzle that I started 3 days ago. Oh, I guess I did do last nights supper dishes along with this morning's breakfast dishes before sitting down to the puzzle. Here it is is,about time to think about supper again and I have no clue.

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My brother and his wife took Mom and I out to lunch today. Tonight Mom and I are having a "movie night". Going to watch "Ben Hur" on TCM on her 46" TV. I've just always wanted to do that. Only the movie starts at 8pm and it's been snowing pretty good since around 3:30p. Roads are covered and I just saw a salt truck go down the major highway. I'm not sure I'll make it into town let alone home at midnight when the 4hr. movie is over.

I check the guide and "Ben Hur" isn't on anytime soon during the day. Mom's bedtime is usually between 8 - 8:30p but she insists she's going to make it to the end. ha. We shall see. I might be the one to fall asleep.

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I babysat for my grandson this morning, and that was fun. Stacked a lot of firewood this afternoon, as fast as my son could split it. (Well, almost.)

Are the Oscars tomorrow night? If so, I'll go to a friend's house to watch. I haven't had TV reception in weeks.

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Quiet weekend around here. Due to a horrendous weather report (several inches of snow that never materialized) DD decided not to come down yesterday (Sat).

So DH and I got started on a minor project--redoing the windows in the living room--I shortened the curtains, he removed some old hardware and patched, a couple of hardware store runs, etc. Today, I've got the fabric for the valances to work on. Once I've got those windows all sorted out, the room will need a major cleaning, straightening and replacing. So guess that's our Sunday.

As to food? We've been doing 'easy' this weekend--picked up some lunchmeat and salads at the Amish market, and tonight I'm planning on buckwheat waffles for dinner.

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not much I am nursing a cold too. I went in to work a couple of hours for my boss yesterday. Thats about it.

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I spent way to much time online doing NOTHING really, this morning. Then vacuumed, ate lunch, organized the bike clubs storage unit, drove to Mel's, did a 27 mile bike ride on the back of the tandem with him, picked up the dollie I need for moving the fridge tomorrow, ate left overs for dinner and will head in to the shower as soon as I post this. :)

Busy day for me.


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