what to put on hinges

buffylouMay 14, 2005

hi, i'm not sure where to post this one but you all seem to know alot about metal. i am about to go around the house with a bucket and scrubber to clean all the oxidization off my door frames. all my hinges have oxidized (think that's the term) and left black "dust" everywhere. these hinges were put in when i replaced the doors in 2002. the hinges are brushed nickel, or something like that - silver in color. my big question is, is there something i can put on them to prevent this happening again? i know for outdoor fixtures, use auto wax. i have no clue if that could be done inside, too. any ideas out there? i will post this under "home repair", too. thank you!

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Aerosol clear lacquer (the type in a spray paint can) always worked for me. Someone else might no of something better but that's what I've always used.

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The black dust is from the hinges wearing. Oil them.

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