making wire-mesh baskets

chery2May 20, 2005

I'd like to make some wire-mesh baskets suitable for laundry and shelf-storage. The ones I've seen measure about 18"H x 32"L. Please advise me about building the frame -- what type and weight material and how to put it together. Thanks, chery-va

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chery -
To be honest, the materials will cost you more than a ready-made basket.

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Thanks for responding, Lazy. I should've mentioned that I had plenty of the wire mesh -- some I got for $1 at a yard sale; other left my contractors. So I figure all I need spend money on is the frame. Hardware store has all kinds of sizes and weights; I just need to know what kind would be best and how to go about connecting the pieces. chery-va

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Most baskets are cut to shape, bent, then welded to a welded frame then painted or dipped.

Add in the cost of a welder, because you need to weld the edges of the mesh together to prevent snagging you or the clothes (wire mesh is sharp).

And you need to paint the baskets to keep them from rusting all over everything ... more expense.

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