Mother's day gift - learning to WELD !

toomuchglassMay 12, 2009

That's what I Asked for ..... welding lessons for mom's day ! My son is an iron worker and certified welder - he spent the whole day over here teaching me to weld. I bought all the equipment - I'm having a ball doing it !

( I actually learned pretty fast ,too ) Now that I know how to do it ...... where can I find scrap steel ? I know you can buy it - but I'd love to find the odd looking pieces to weld into yard art ( or something ) I Can't handle the huge stuff - or rip stuff apart ( like washers ) that people give away for free. All the scrap yards here seem to be automotive parts and they don't let you wander through them anymore ( insurance reasons I guess ) So - where do I find scrap steel ? **** Here's a pic of me and my son teaching me . I'm the one on the left with the gray hair & green welding jacket ~ LOL .Can you help me ??? As always - thank you so much !

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It looks as if you got yourself a wire feed; kind of a hot glue gun for metal. A great toy. Around here metal fabrication shops sell their scrap by the pound and will let you pick through the pile. Some scrap metal dealers will let you wander if you chat them up a bit. Bicycle shops have some interesting scrap and may be willing to give it to you. Automotive repair shops are also a good source. Good luck.

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Hi Blindstar ! Yes -- this is a "hobby welder " ....! If I master this - I can buy the "big boy's toys! "

I can't thank you for your suggestions. We have a metal fabricating shop right near me - I See the guys eating lunch outside all the time. Now's my chance to bake some goodies for a bribe and chat them up !!! LOL

~~~~ Thanks again ~~~~~ Kathy

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Congratulations on your new passion.
I have a tip for you. Keep those vehicles further away, you'd be dismayed by how far spatter can go. And glass windows will be embedded further yet by that grinder.
Always know where the sparks are going!

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OMG, i didn't know you learned to weld. Way cool women. I love my welding. Soon you will have more toys to play with.
I'm lucky for metal as i get it from a metal warehouse. They sell all kinds of metal.
Oh i wished you lived closer we could have a blast together.

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