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lazypupApril 16, 2006

Recently I was welding some small parts at the vise on my workbench. A had just finished a piece and laid it on the bench to cool while I was setting up another piece.

A close friend stopped by to chat and as he came over to the bench he grabbed the hot part I had just finished before I could caution him not to touch it.

The moment he grabbed it he realized it was hot and instantly tossed it to the floor.

"Watsa matter George, is that one too hot for you" I asked jokingly?

"No, it just don't take me long to look at something" he replied.

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If you want to see a prime example of"curiosity killed the cat", just lay a piece of plate on your bench with "HOT" written in soapstone on it. You'd be amazed at how many folks have to touch it just to see how hot.

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