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davidwczerrApril 19, 2005

Thought I'd share some pics of recently finished projects.........

First up is a gear puller I had to fabricate to remove a pulley of the gardent tractor. It uses a 1/2" hex coupling nut and the arms are 1/4"x3/4" bar stock. Holes for adjustment and red paint for ease of locating.

Next is a small, but tall, metalworking table for more detailed work the brings it up to a level I'm more comfortable with (I'm 6'-2"). The top is 1/4" plate, 24" square and the legs are 2" SCH40 pipe that was scrap (free!). Painted bluish/gray because I had that color on hand. It's nice to have a tall table for some projects!

Last one is a cart for the recently aquired Miller 180SD TIG/Stick machine and Argon cylinder. Fairly straight forward design; the handle is a fold down unit meant for a Yamaha generator that I adapted to this cart. The cylinder is attached using a chain that fits over a threaded stud and is tightened in place with a the orange "T" you see in the pics (hex nut welded to a 1/2" pipe nipple). Painted blue to match..........

Thanks for checking these projects out! David

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Very good craftmanship,Dave. Your puller really caught my eye because I think by next winter I'm going to have to pull the engine on my lawn trac and pull it down to make the decision to rebuild or buy a new engine.I'll need to build a puller like yours to get the double pulley off the crank. It's starting to burn a little oil and I can hear the piston slapping. Not bad mileage tho. It's an '81 B&S 11 HP vertical shaft.
My latest project is making an outboard motor for my canoe from a straight shaft Stihl weedeater. I took weedeater and prop to my local machinist the other day to make the adapter for the prop. If it works well I'll try to post some pics.
Again, good work,

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You do good work!!
I've made a few tables like the one you made for your detail work. Usually when I make one I'll cut the legs in half drill holes in the top half and weld nuts over the holes and then I can weld a a small piece of round stock to a bolt and I can make the table adjustable.

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