Drilling enameled steel tub

commongroundApril 4, 2006

How can I drill an enameled steel bathtub?

I want to install faucets on the rim of the tub.

Thinking of grinding carefully the enamel before using a regular HSS holesaw.

Another idea would be to score the enamel using the holesaw in reverse before drilling.

Failing that maybe using an electrician knockout punch was suggested somewhere on the web.

Any better idea? Has someone done it before?

Thanks in advance.


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Have never done it but I would be afraid the enameled surface would chip too far beyond the
Perhaps with a Dremmel and diamond bit kind of groove it a little first.

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A diamond edged hole saw might do it.

Basically you're talking about cutting through the thin glassy layer on the surface of the enamel. You can't actually cut it, you have to grind it (which is what a diamond edged hole saw would do). Perhaps one of the type used to put holes in ceramic tiles would work.

Running a hole saw backwards would probably just chip the enamel.

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