victor acetylene torch

lakeyjimApril 14, 2013

I am looking to purchase a oxy acet torch. I understand Victor is now made in China or Mexico. Does anyone know when they were made in the US? I'm looking at a used set that is stamped "made in USA".

It seems heavier than the lower cost units i've see in other places. It is older and not shiny new but it works fine and comes with extra tips, gloves, plus there is gas in both tanks. (these are small, portable sized tanks owned by the seller, not large tanks that are leased by welding supply)

He wants $200 for the whole set, including tanks or I could be a new set from harbor frieght for 299. Is the older, Victor a better deal?

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I think some of the Victors are now made in Poland, not sure.

$200 for everything isn't all that bad. Make sure the hoses are not frayed or dry rotted and threaded fittings seal good and are not stripped.

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