Metal porch roof

shavenApril 4, 2006

Folks, I've got a strange one for you. I just finished building a house with a sheet metal (standing seam) roof on the front porch. Problem is we left the plastic film on too long and it has baked on...and breaks into tiny pieces when we try to pull it off. Any suggestions on removing it? I'd like to use a solvent but don't want to ruin the black finish of the steel.Thanks for your help!

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Well, the damage may already be done, but you have some options:

1) Call the mfg and ask what solvent would be safe to use with their finish. If you don't know who the mfg, as whoever installed the roofing.

2) Let the sun do its thing and in time the plastic will disintegrate on its own. However I wouldn't be surprised if it left a mottled finish in its wake.

3) test various solvents in an inconspicuous corner of the roofing and where corrosion would not result in a leak.

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You could also try using a hair dryer or heat gun set on low to see if heating up the plastic makes it peel off the roofing easier. This is a trick that auto/motorcycle folks use to remove factory stick on decals from stock bikes.

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Sudsmaster, I'm gonna start with the dryer and if that doesn't do it, I'll try the solvent route. Thanks for your suggestions!


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