Metal Bandsaw Problem

rdenningApril 12, 2005


I have a small Craftsman 10 inch bansaw with variable speed setting on it. I got the proper blade to cut metal (14 teeth per inch I believe) ... the problem is, when I try to cut metal (1/16" thick), the motor keeps shutting down. Why would this be? I have the speed set to the proper speed for metal (around 300 or so), and I am lubbing it with WD-40. I am feeding it quite slow as well.

Any ideas?

Thank you for any input!

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Ideally, one needs to have two teeth of the blade contact the metal to be cut in order to prevent chattering.
You need 18+ teeth per inch blade at a minimum. If you see the teeth being worn away, you need to verify whether you have a quality blade (bi-metal, etc) that is designed to cut metal.

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I'll look for 18+ teeth blade. Would this prevent the machine randomly shutting down?


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Is the motor shutting off or just bogging down? If it's shutting off it may be an electrical problem with the saw itself.

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