Dark Spots on Brass

haus_proudApril 19, 2013

We have a pair of brass floor lamps for a few years. We thought we would let them tarnish naturally, that they would acquire a pleasant soft glow. That didn't happen. The base of the lamps especially got very dull and unsightly and developed some dark spots (like pimples).

To restore the lamps, I have been using CERAMA BRYTE which was recommended by someone on this forum who said, "Apply it and in a few minutes wipe if off and prepare to be amazed." It does work, but not perfectly, because I neglected the lamps for a long time.

I have two questions: The dark spots come off only with a lot of very hard effort. Is there something else that will make this job easier? Second, after restoring the brass to a nice luster, how can I keep it that way? I know lacquer is the recommended thing, but I don't know how to use it, and I'm afraid I may make a mess of it. Suppose I apply a thin coat of lemon oil. Will that work, assuming I apply some more periodically?

Thanks for your help.

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Sounds like brass plated steel.

See if a magnet sticks to the metal.

Thin brass plating has small pinholes that expose the steel.

Eventually corrosion starts in the steel and forces the brass plating off.

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