Welder was dropped.

Pooh BearApril 20, 2005

I found a Lincoln AC/DC Tombstone Welder on an auction site.

It says it is dented on the bottom probably from being dropped.

Otherwise it is brand new.

It is cheap enough for me to buy.

But it hasn't been tested.

It says it is dented but I can't tell it from the pictures.

Can anything be hurt by dropping it.

Should I avoid this deal.

I want a welder real bad and the K1297 was the one I want.

I almost have enough saved to get this one.

My wife would have to pitch in some $$ for it too.

What do ya'll think about this.


Pooh Bear

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Hi Pooh, I had an old tomestone ac welder that I had to repair the leads on. If I remember right the transformer was mounted to the bottom. If this is damaged the welder is no good. I think you are on the right track as to the welder you are looking for. Keep waiting and one will finally show up. You really need to see one in operation before you turn over your hard earned money.
PS. Did you ever get your water pump running to get water from the river.
Good luck finding a welder.....Jim

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Pooh Bear

Ok, think I will pass on the welder.

Nope, never did get water pumped from the river.


Pooh Bear

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I wouldn't buy this one (sight unseen), but a buzzbox should be able to survive a pretty bad drop. The transformer's a massive lump of copper-wound iron. Probably the internal wires coming of the xformer would be damaged first.

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Pooh Bear

This was the welder.
Can't believe it went for $305.

Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: Welder on Ebay

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