GatorBlades need mods.....

KevC___IrelandApril 14, 2005

Hi lads,

Dont know how safe an this is but I'll put it up here and ye might let me know your feelings about this before I carry on....

I ordered up some gator blades from the US and they duly arrived a few days later. Problem is I never mentioned to the nice chap that I have counter rotating blades with a rear discharge deck. I received blades, all with same rotation direction. After a bouncing a few e-mails back and forth with the supplier, I'm told, Gator Blade dont make a set of blades to suit my european machine.

Its teasing me whan I see one blade will work fine the other not, so I got to thinking about re shaping one of the blades to suit. I tried using a hydraulic press and a V former to reverse one of the bends but the negative angle I had to achieve to reverse the bend I needed was severe and a bit scary to say the least. So, next thought is to heat up the bend site with oxy/acet and maybe not have to put such a severe neg bend with the press? I'm concerned with lots of things but safety of the final product is paramount. Should I even be doing this from a safety point of view....?



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Hi Kev...I worked for years in the lawn and garden business and can tell you, don't even try using the blades that you tried to bend and/or reform! These are serious accidents waiting to happen from small fatique cracks that form from high areas of stress due to bending and can come apart causing serious damage to you or bystanders. Factory made blades are hot formed and heat treated and tempered to make a tough blade. Don't jeopardize your safety trying to reuse these incorrect blades. Get the correct ones from the manufacturer for your machine.Best regrards, Mark in USA

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Hi Mark,

I agree with you. I've decided not to go messing with the blades. For the sake of safety. Thanks for your reply.


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