colorful customized metal cover for hot water tank in kitchen

austingardnerApril 5, 2011

Greeting everyone,

I'm trying to cover up this exposed water heating tank that's an eyes sore in the kitchen. I'd like to print something onto a customized piece of metal and then place it over the water heating tank.

Above the pictured water heater is an inspirational bucket that has a colorful print.

First question: any ideas on how I could customize a cover and what kind of metal would work best?

Second question: what process would be best for getting a customized color image onto a metal cover?

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The easiest (but maybe not the cheapest) way to beautify your hot water tank would be to hire a decorative painter to paint the image you selected on the tank. If you find a place that will make a customized metal cover, I would still contact a decorative painter for an estimate so you can compare the price.

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