Harbor Freight Welder Testimonial

sudsmasterMarch 9, 2006

I got a big kick out of an ad on Craig's List for a Harbor Freight welder. It doesn't say what model; I'm assuming it's some kind of stick welder.

"Welder wannabe - $50 (vallejo / benicia / fairfield)


Reply to: sale-140381884@craigslist.org

Date: 2006-03-09, 7:31AM PST

Harbor Freight welder/MiG machine that does work but has short duty cycle. This machine is what you need if you just don't have enough grief in your life. It works just enough to get you into your work then shuts down for a brief period. It is a miserable, frustrating, piece of crap and should not be sold to the normal public. (I bought it new at an auction with great hopes as it was still in the box. When it does work, it makes a nice bead......for a few minutes. 707 645 8224. $50.00 and a phone # to a psychiatrist

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Here is a link that might be useful:

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Pooh Bear

At least the guy is being truthful. LOL.

I have been using my little HF Arc 110 stick welder to practice my welding.
Does real good for my practicing.
I got a couple of 1/4 plates I weld together,
then I grind the apart, and weld them together again.
But I would need something bigger to do any real work with.
At least I got a good deal with it. $5 off ebay.

Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: HF Arc 110 stick welder

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I started with an HF arc welder. Then I got a 40-year-old Marquette and realized how awful it was.

There's a guy right now selling a pair of dead Chinese plasma cutters on eBay. His auction is an ad for how he was ripped off by a Chinese company who dump a load of junk on him.

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I re-read the ad, and it appears it's a MIG welder, not a stick welder.

Doesn't say if it's 110 or 220 volt, though.

I suppose with a MIG welder, one is better off with a machine with a long duty cycle. That's because one is likely to want to lay down multiple and/or long beads to join thicker pieces.

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HELLO PEOPLE, I am a beginner Welder, and bought the 120v / 90amp Fluxed Core HF. wire welder, in June. I'm having some problem with the "weld pool." I just don't know what to do with it once it forms? Also, I can't seem to penetrate the metal sufficiently for a strong bond.
Any and ALL Ideas are Welcome, Thank-You, Jim.

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