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caroline1947February 1, 2013

Awhile ago I saw a post on look alikes,,,This is my 6 year old granddaughter and the actress Bryce Dallas Howard what do you think???(for those who dont know Bryce is Ron Howards daughter)

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Click picture to enlarge fro my post above

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I think this picture might show the resemblance more?

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I do see the resemblance. Something about her reminds me of KT Member Mandi's daughter too. It's the smile and the eyes. I love how her whole face radiates happiness.

This post reminds me - has anyone every tried one of those sites where you upload your picture and they tell you which famous people you look like? OMG! I did it and it was hilarious! I can't remember which exact 'celebrities' it said that I looked like but it was quite an amusing mixture - I'd see a model or beautiful actress and feel pretty good about myself but then someone like Magic Johnson would be on the list too LOL. I wish I could remember where that was but it was a while back. Maybe someone here posted the link or it might have been on Facebook.

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