bending copper tubing

arkiemaMarch 13, 2005

I would like to bend copper tubing, most likely 3/4 inch without it kinking. I need to put a scroll type bend in each end. One up and one down. These are going to be curtain rods and towell racks. Some where I heard that if you fill it with sand before you attempt to bend it won't kink.

I'm open to all suggestions and help, as DH says it can't be done. His usual reply to anything to stiffle my creativity. lol

thanks in advance.

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I'm assuming you're talking about copper water tube.

Type M copper tube is the thinnest grade for water supply and that is only available in a hard drawn grade which would kink if you tried to bend it even a little even if it was filled with sand. Type K and Type L is available in a soft drawn type which is bendable, however, these soft types are often sold in coils which must be unwound into a straight length, and they may be too flexible for your purpose, or just look funny since you won't be able to get them perfectly straight.

You could however, take a piece of type M and heat it to almost cherry red with a torch in the area you want to make your bend. When you get it heated, you need to cool it quickly in a tub of cold water. This will soften the tube so it will be easier to bend without kinking. I don't know how tight of a bend you want, but that's one thing you could try for your project. You will probably need to polish the copper after you do this since it will discolor it where it is heated.


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Thank you . Armed with this information I may soon be able to finish the long over due bathroom remodel.

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I think Home Depot carries the manual electrical conduit benders (probably the powered ones to) in their rental department, that should work for you to get a nice radius on your pipe although it will not roll it very tight. Once you get good with the conduit bender we can get you a job as a electricians apprentice LOL

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I had plastic water lines. Under Class Action Suit the house was re piped with "bendable copper". Since the install 13 years ago I HAVE HAD 4 PIN HOLE LEAKS in the past 4 years. Is "bendable Copper" ok for residential water lines?

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