in need of a 1/4+ inch cutting welder (im a beginner)

Computer123March 20, 2005

hey im only 13 but like building stuff but i have a lot of tools but not a welder. what kind of welder should i get as far as arc mig and whatever else there is. the things that id be doing with it would be making rails and stuff for my skateboard. i would use stuff like 2" square tubing and that same thing for the legs. and then i would use 1/4" steel for the base so it doesnt tip over you know? and i would weld it all together so it would look like a big bar __________ thats 8' long, with 2 1' tall pipes under it to make it stand up. and then oon those one foot things i would put a 1/4" thick flat bar under both of the legs to make the "foot" so it doesnt tip.

i wouldnt use it for only this but other things too. im wondering what to get like i want it to be cheap but not so cheap it doesnt fit my requirements.. i think my require ments would be for it to cut through at LEAST 1/4" and make it sturdy. actually ill give you a link to see what it'd look like i cant explain it very well:

there go to that i want to do that. basically thatll be my requirements most of the time. if i cant use the welder that i have, ill just use my grandpas cuz he has one of those proffesional 1.5k $ ones, but i dont like sharing i want my own most of the time. so could anyone tell me if i could buy a prefferably used one (as long as its good and not broken) and i want like a 220V as i saw a reccomendation in a different post.. but it has to be cheap cuz i dont have money.. gotta save for college :) ... anyway. i got around 100$ that ive been saving from allowances and what not, and my parents will prolly pitch in somewhat, but ill have to do most of it, anyways dont think it has to be cheaper then 100$ because ill use my savings account (i just cant use it for the majority) if you get what im saying post a reply, oh i live in around minneapolis/st. Paul if ur wondering for some reason.. but i want my own cuz i really like building things and using tools, but i dont have a welder which im in need of one that can weld at LEAST 1/4 inch at the minimum, and i would like it to be used unless itd be great if u find one for cheap thats new.. but i doubt it.. anyway reconditioned is good too actually thatd be better then used. if theres a difference. any reccomendations of where to buy one would be good. i guess harbor freight might have it but i need to know if thats any good place to buy one, cuz ive really never heard of the brands chicago electric and "drill master" or something. but if its good plz reply i think that ive stated enuff information, but thank you all for listnening!

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ok i found on harbor freight this:

is it an arc welder cuz it says arc inverter i dont know what to think?

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For the kind of thing you want to do you, a midsize arc (stick) welder would be best. Along the lines of a Lincoln AC225, or AC/DC if you want to really get a nice one. You're looking at $250-450 new, or $50-300 used. Just make sure it works--nothing much to go wrong.

You can cut with a big welder but it's really, really bad. Use a hacksaw or a grinder or something to make your cuts.

HF stuff is low quality. That welder in your link would be good for someone looking to get into small-part TIG welding on a budget, but for your purposes it doesn't have enough power and would take forever. Inverter is just another kind of welder design, as opposed to a transformer.

Do some research through the Google Groups newsgroup archive. Lots of welder info to search through. Some books can be very helpful, too.

And get your spelling and punctuation straight, it's almost impossible to read all that.

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