sanding off chrome plating to paint or ???

linnea56March 7, 2006

We have one of those chrome recessed TP holders in the bathroom. I went looking (store and online) for ones in a Oil Rubbed Bronze or iron/black finish yesterday. All I could find were ones that mount on the wall and then project out. We need to have the recessed kind due to space restrictions. Plus would have to re-do the drywall if we removed it.

I'm starting to think about sanding off the chrome or de-glossing it enough to paint. Anyone sanded off chrome before, then painted or patinated with something else? What's usually underneath chrome? If it's brass I could do a nice patina with that...

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If you really need this type of design, AND you really can't find a replacement, then you might try a commercial plating firm. They can electrically strip off the chrome and replate practically any color you need.

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It's set so beautifully into the drywall I'm afraid I could never replace it so well!

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Usually these things are mounted by cutting a rough hole into the wall and fixing them in place with a couple of screws. If you're thinking of doing anything with this while it's in place you'll truly have a mess on your hands.

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Do you mean sanding while it's in place would be messy? I wasn't thinking anything chemical. I'm pretty neat while sanding...unless there's something different about sanding chrome? I'ver sanded off other platings though never chrome. Does it flake?

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Sorry...didn't see your re-post until now. I did mean both sanding in place and finishing in place. I also should have mentioned that metal dusts are toxic and you should have an appropriate respirator and ventilated workspace if you do this.

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