Any Way to radius aluminum cladding???!!!

zariMarch 19, 2005

O.K. we're building a new house in New York with three gables in the front. We have a general contractor. The right side of the "main" gable comes straight down from the peak, but towards the bottom it bends ("up") in a 48 foot radius to create a gradual swoop, until it joins with the frontporch and garage roofs at it's bottom right. AFTER it was built, AND the roof is on, "Nameless responsible parties" realized that the aluminum cladding (channels) for the facia only comes in straight lengths. Cutting and peicing together to fit the radius will leave a series of ugly seams on this main feature of the house design. Apparently bending the cladding is not an option. Or is there a way to do it? It can't be finished in wood beause the other two gables now also must be aluminum for various reasons--long story. Does anyone have any solutions? Any help you could give would be desperately appreciated.

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A good sheet metal shop that does architectual type work can build any kind of fascia or flashing you want. Call your local Sheet Metal Workers Union (it will be listed in the phone book) and they can direct you to a professional shop in your area. Make sure you talk to the business agent or assistant business agent and try to give them a good description of what you are trying to have done.

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DNT1: Thanks for the information!

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We found Milgo industries in Brooklyn. I was told they can do it. We're in the process of "double checking".

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