Grinding Wheel Dresser

troman1March 5, 2009

Simple question.

Inherited an old Sears 6 x 3/4 bench grinder - 36 & 60 grit - wheels are glazed and not true.

Bought a Harbor Freight star-point dresser ($3 bucks) and wore it out on just one wheel. Worked great though. The wheel's beautiful now but brand new wheels are only $6 or $8 bucks.

I ain't asking because of the money - it's peanuts - but I'm curious.

I need another. I wanna keep after 'em from now on. Is there a difference with another better brand or did I use it too hard? Can I buy a bunch of replacement star-point wheels for a decent price anywhere? Are the diamond ones longer lasting? Which one should I get?

Just appreciate any experienced metalworkers input to satisfy my curiousity.



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IâÂÂve been using the same single point diamond dresser for years. However, I do not use it free hand.

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Get yourself a diamond dresser, a machine shop supply store, they seem to last forever in what you're doing.
But...mount it on something, I have made a steel slide, pushing along the wheel rest [steel plate] this way the wheel gets
perfect flat.


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