Metal Finish - Plating?

dhjnycFebruary 13, 2006

I really love this perrin and rowe faucet model U.4702.

However I need it in a dark color (like a weathered copper or a oil rubbed). Powder coated black is too uniform and flat. I want something with some depth and subtle variation.

Unfortunately the faucet does not come in anything like this color. So, I was wondering If there is some plating finish that could be applied? That could achieve this kind of color effect?

also does the fact the faucet already has a finish effect the plating or finishing process??

any ideas?



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Probably your faucet can be plated. Often plating is a multi-step process in that some platings don't stick to, say, chrome, so an intermediate plate may need to be done. You may have to have the current plating stripped off (electrically) and then re-plated with something that the final plating will stick to. There are many commercial plating firms that can do this type of work, and some even specialize in 'old' fixtures. Try looking in the yellow pages in your area, and looking on the internet. Many of the big plating firms have 'color charts', but tell them what you are looking for. Good luck.

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