use for 7018 rod

zekeFebruary 12, 2005

Awhile back i bought some 7018 welding rod

to try on a D.C.welder that i use at work

and (sad to say) but it was a waste of time and money

so why is it that 7018 will/wont work in a D.C. welder ??


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If the welder doesn't have a polarity switch try switching the leads where they attach to welder.
Mike A

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7018 works best with DC reverse polarity. For steel of unknown alloy, 7018 is a good choice. Work must be clean and dry, electrodes must be kept (stored) absolutely dry, very low humidity.

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Sometimes when my rods wont start I stick them to the metal and let them smoke... Pre heating the rod makes them work so much better...

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I have found some rods have the coating covering the very end of the rod. This would insulate the rod from making contact and arcing. I asume you know about setting DC polarity and are holding a short arc. The rod usually produces an excelent bead with min.effert.

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