directions pls..

casey04February 1, 2005

needing info on buying,setting up,advice, etc..on a wrought iron gate with auto. opener. am i at the right place yet???

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give us some more details of what you want and i'm sure someone can help.
what size gate ? what kind of mechanisium do you want to use? is the gate allready built?

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thanks roscoe. we have decided on a 14ft single swing. i wanted the slide type but was told it had more issues later because of the chain. i have found the gate i want at, camino real.i want the old rusted look since our home will have a new orleans feel. once i spec'd. out that gate, i couldnt justify that $ amount, since i dont want ornate. so, if i can find someone locally, could this gate be made cheaper? is this something we could install ourselves? does a solar panel do the job or should we use a battery? since needing at 14ft, would a double be better in the long run? im just not sure how to shop for any of this..thanks for any input and guidence that you may have..

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Well you could install a couple rollers in the ground to drive your 4-wheel drive truck onto and use the power of the drive wheels connected to a gear box to open and close the gate... Then just put the truck into 4-wheel drive to use the front wheels to pull the truck off the rollers...

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