Rotary table question....

kbeitzFebruary 21, 2005

I just got my second rotary table... This one has a two position knob that doesn't seem to do anything... Could anyone tell me what it's for ??? (see red arrow)

One more stupid question.... What's holding this three jaw chuck onto the table... I see no attachments anywhere...

Super glued ???

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The knob by red arrow is probably for engaging some sort of drive. Think of a Ridgid pipe die holder. Have you taken the chuck jaws all the way out to see if there is some kind of bolt underneath. Superglue is good but not that good. Let us know what you find out......Jim

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I agree with Jim,
If you can't find nothing underneath the jaws, or centre, then probably rusted to the table,.... give it a good whack!

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Does the knob change the ratio to a faster rotation of the table or disconnect it all together.

The chuck my be a threaded back type and they just rotated the chuck on to a fixed thread adapter mounted on the rotating table. Put the key into the the chuck and hit it counterclockwise.

Show us the picture of the bottom of the rotating table.

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That looks like a varnished wood table that it's on. Probably with gravity, and the varnish as a glue, you need a prybar to get it loose.


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I'd guess it's bolted from the back of the rotary table, or possibley threaded on. That chuck doesn't seem to have through bolt holes.

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Well I found one of my problems... The two position knob was broken... Cracked... Not letting it adjust... It would not release the table... I just welded it and I'm waiting for it to cool down so I can machine it to fit again...

As far as I can tell the chuck must have the tapered shaft holding it on...

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