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wichitarickFebruary 23, 2005


I am asking for a friend that is a good metalworker and makes various stuff but most of the stuff he makes to sell are for rennasance fairs ,swords, axes, chairs, and he makes cannons .

problem is he wants to use a steel stamp to put his sig./emblem on items and we are having a heck of a time finding a place that has anything like this .not just the little letters and numbers but maybe a larger set of letters or a machined emblem that can be a punch to sign off the work.

this city is overloaded with machine shops but the ones I contacted would charge a fortune because they work it up as a job and want to make 50or 500 of them .

I saw something like this for wood workers and it is attached to a wood burner so I know it,s possible .

by the way sadly I don,t contibute to this forum but my first love is still metal I have a nice wood shop kinda by default because I have a huge supply of free wood .but my dad was a retired steamfitter and I grew up in a pre fab shop and spent two yrs. in a ornamental iron shop in K.C.

but I don,t own much more than a grinder and some bending tools now . BUT in the spring when I go digital I promise I will post some pics of metal junk in my yard and some of my neighbors . thanks for any ideas you may have

Rick in wichita

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Are you looking for a branding iron for wood, or something to mark metal, or both?


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hi, sorry if there was confusion . a stamp to mark metal.
thanks Rick

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If you could find a shop with cnc milling the can do what you want. Just remember that this is a stamp for steel and requires a reverse image and must also be hardened and tempered. Saying that when done it should last a lifetime but the cost will reflect the complexity of the design a small shop with a like minded owner would be the answer as all the design is computer generated and once that is done programming is a cinch lots luck but just keep trying

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